About Us

The funeral industry is changing. As American culture becomes increasingly varied and diverse, welcoming all different perspectives on life, death, and burial, it’s getting more challenging for funeral professionals to keep up with customs, traditions, and trends. What’s more, knowledge about cultural norms and end-of-life customs, which used to be common, is now becoming lost to time.

Ask the Director was conceived to provide a knowledge base for funeral professionals and to deliver guidance through end-of-life practices in our ever-diversifying culture. The content on this site is created by a network of funeral home directors from across the country, many with 20+ years of experience. The purpose of the site is to help funeral homes and cemeteries across the nation provide useful funeral and cemetery consumer advice and support.

The site’s founder, Layng Guerriero, is a seasoned funeral marketing executive. He’s played a key role in helping the funeral industry adapt to an increasingly digital world, and has found success in branding, managing, and positioning funeral products and services to customers throughout the country. His experience encompasses work with Service Corporation International, Stewart Enterprise, Legacy.com, Carriage Services, The Serenity Group, The Journey Group, Park Lawn Corporation, and Legacy Funeral Group.

If you have any questions you’d like to see answered by the Ask the Director team, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.